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Police response time 8-12 min
UCIT reports occurrences as, an apparent crime in progress, resulting in average police response time 8 - 12 min learn more
Surveillance Cameras
Complete Security System for Every Industry

UCIT Security Services Advantage

Instead of having to incur high upfront costs of purchasing equipment, UCIT offers customers the ability to pay a monthly all inclusive fee which covers security installation, camera costs, software, servicing, real-time remote surveillance, 24/7 all activities recording, and security video review. This not only avoids upfront costs, but provides a full turnkey security solution that ensures customers never have to deal with replacing broken equipment or spend valuable time searching through video to find an incident.

If the customer’s needs don’t require UCIT’s surveillance services, UCIT supplies all the necessary equipment, software, training and support for a customer’s monitoring and command center.

In addition, UCIT’s IP security provides another level of project management — the management of the site can monitor the area of interest remotely, at anytime, from any standard Internet-connected computer and make informative decisions without being on site.

Alternatively, UCIT also offers one-time equipment sales and installations and one-time surveillance software sales — DETEXI IP Video Security.
Accepted by major insurance companies as a valid security solution.
Proven results: UCIT currently averages over 4 arrests per week.
Since 2003, UCIT Security has set the standard for state-of-the art IP-based Digital Video Security systems across North America. Our expertise has allowed us to become a dominant force in numerous industries in the private and public sector. UCIT’s team is composed of highly skilled and experienced management with field knowledge and qualified engineers that work with the clients to produce the optimal security solution. This can be tailored based on location, environment, and even extreme conditions. We do our own security installations, system maintenance and video monitoring, there is no one else to blame if something goes wrong; we stand by our service 100%.
Active member of the Canadian Security Association. Featured in the PROFIT 500 Magazine as Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies for the fifth year in a row.
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